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Media Coverage

Atlanta Business Chronicle, March 2013
Talking 200 Jobs: VoiceNation

TMCnet, March 2013
VoiceNation Serves 50,000th Customer

TMCnet, December 2012
HAPFV Teams with Virtual PBX Provider VoiceNation to Improve the Life of Vets

TMCnet, June 2012
VoiceNation Releases New iPhone Mobile App, VN2GO!

TMCnet, February 2012
Junk Removal Company Selects Virtual PBX Solution from VoiceNation

TMCnet, February 2010
VoiceNation's Survey Shows Need for Business Continuity Plan

TMCnet, October 2009
VoiceNation Picks Asterisk for Next Generation Call Center

TMCnet, August 2009
VoiceNation Launches Georgia Call Center

Connections Magazine, August 2009
TASterix's "Openness Policy" grants Source Code Access

Connections Magazine, July 2009
VoiceNation Chooses Tasterix (Celebrating at ATSI show)

Connections Magazine, June 2009
Voicenation Chooses TASterix

TMCnet, February 2009
FEMA, U.S. Coast Guard to Save Money with IP-PBX

TMCnet, January 2009
VoiceNation Proposes Cost Effective Virtual Telephony Services for the Entertainment Industry

Phone+ Magazine, October 2008
VoiceNation Releases Virtual PBX for Small Business

TMCnet, October 2008
VoiceNation Announces Next-Gen Virtual PBX 

Guidry News, October 2008
VoiceNation collaborates with United Way, FEMA, Red Cross, and others to help in the rebuilding of Galveston after hurricane Ike. 

Finance Tech News, June 2008
Virtual PBX popular with some businesses 

Realtor, May 2008
Take Control of Incoming Calls - Practitioners find many benefits in a service that allows them to publicize just one phone number. 

Washington Post, March 2008 (syndicated from PC World)
Virtual PBX Puts a Professional Spin on VoIP 

PC World, March 2008
Virtual PBX Puts a Professional Spin on VoIP

TMCnet, December 2007
Speech Technologies Featured Article - In Response to Survey, VoiceNation Launches Free Business Information Service to Analyze Calls

Atlanta Business Chronicle, July 2007
The reality behind virtual phones

TMCnet, July 2007
FEMA Partners with VoiceNation to Create Hosted, Secure Hotline

HandsNet, June 2007
VoiceNation Launches Care2Call Initiative to Provide Free Voicemail Services to NonProfits Nationwide

Smart Business, April 2007

TMCnet, January 2007
VoiceNation Announces 'Next' Initiative

Service Provider Weekly, January 2007 (01/15/07, pg. 59)
It is Time to Learn More about VoIP

Gwinnett Business Journal, January 2007
Buford telecom company earns success by creating new technology

Food Logistics, September 2006
Disaster-Proofing The Supply Chain

Telephony World, June 2006
VoiceNation Supports OnlyOne Customers

Continuity Central, May 2006
US businesses failing to include voice communications in business continuity plans


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