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Toll Free Real Estate Voicemail

Real Estate Voicemail
VoiceNationSM has developed a complete range of first class real estate voice mail services to meet all your communication needs. Each of our packages provide you with your own unique toll-free telephone number that you can forward your calls to or could be used as your main telephone number with a listing in both the white pages and directory assistance.

We provide several different types of toll free real estate lines, including:



The Toll Free Real-Estate Buying Line, also known as voice mail with live connect, is an enhanced service with a toll free telephone number that allows your callers to hear a greeting before being transferred to a representative. Calls can be routed to the office, cell phone, or answering service based on time of day and day of week.



The Toll Free Selling Line (Real Estate Virtual Office) is an enhanced service with a unique toll free number that supplies investors with a collection of info-boxes that can be accessed by dialing a 3-digit property number. Each info-box has an unlimited greeting and can be configured to take a message or simply play a property listing or other informational prompt.


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