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Skip Sevier


I just wanted to brag on Zachary

I had difficulty early this week, getting through to someone to clarify the services and pricing available through Voice-Nation, exploring some teleconferencing alternatives for Legacy Academy's Corporate Office. When I explained to Zachary my challenge (playing phone-tag, unable to get a clear understanding of what was offered at each pricing tier), he grabbed this ball in order to help me out.

Z. worked diligently to help me, gathering some definitive information and working with Xeomara to get some numbers, and a full proposal together, which I just received.

The prices are great, but his diligence in interpreting this client's needs, in order to best serve them was the key to my being able to whole-heartedly recommend your company's service to Frank and Melissa Turner at Legacy.

I expect we'll be contacting Xeomara Laza next week to seal the deal.

Then, I'll work with her, to setup a demo of your videoconferencing solutions, to see if those will serve Legacy's needs better than what we're using now.

Have a great weekend, Man: your team does nice work!


Skip Sevier
Cameron Data Services, Inc."