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Leon Vinokur

"We just came on as customers this month, but weÕre already seeing the advantages of using VoiceNationÕs Care to Call program. We have certain periods during the year where we have higher than normal call volumes of customers/members inquiring about and registering for certain programs that we produce. In the past this would require us to expend money to hire additional staff to handle the additional call volume or overwhelm our personal phone lines and voice-mails with these calls. VoiceNationÕs Care to Call service solves that significant problem. By providing a cost effective (free to non-profits) way of allowing calls to route to a central voice-mail that can be easily accessed via phone or e-mail, a smaller non-profit like Chevra and our staff can take on bigger initiatives and programs helping our community. Thank you VoiceNation."

- Leon Vinokur