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Don Kinney

"Being a small business dealing with very large clients, our Virtual PBX service with VoiceNation allows enables us to interact efficiently with our clients at the same level. We have received positive feedback on numerous occasions from our clientele on not only the ease of use from the callerÕs side, but also the accessibility feature to ALWAYS find us wherever we are. With any technology-oriented product or service there are occasional bugs or nuances in the system that have to be reconfigured or downright fixed, but our client representative, Kevin Faris has been extremely helpful and always makes us feel as if weÕre his top priorityÑhis only client. In a nutshell, weÕre very satisfied with the technology and the customer service that VoiceNation has provided, and weÕre happy to share our positive account with others."

Don Kinney, Vice President & IT Practice Leader, Catalyst Search Group