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Corinne Purdy

"I am a very busy owner of three retail stores in NYC. We have a spot on the Oprah Winfrey show today and we don't know what the response will be like, since our business is a side note to the story line of the show. At the last minute I decided to look for an answering service just in case. Having done very prior little research I was uniformed as to the different services available. Most companies were not interested in my business when I told them about the national television spot. I must say after many phone calls, that I found your employee Phillip to be the most helpful, friendly, and informative sales representatitive that I spoke to. I purchased a service from him that he expedited in a rush , that would have normally taken much longer. I must say that he was personable, professional, and worked with a sense of urgency, when other people said "Not interested" and practically hung up in my face. I must say coming from retail that poor customer service is a pet peeve of mine, but far to common in today's market in almost every industry. It is refreshing to work with such a courteous employee as Phillip, so much so that it is worth the extra five minutes to make mention of his excellence where it counts. Happy employees, make for happy customers - well done in the leadership department!

Much Thanks,

A Satisfied customer
Corinne Purdy"