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Toll Free Classic Messenger

Toll Free Classic Messenger (Standard Voicemail)


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* Usage fees of $0.03/min apply to live connect and notify calls anywhere in the United States.
The Toll-Free Classic Messenger, also known as standard voice mail, is an enhanced service that supplies customers with an individual "mailbox" where greetings can be given out and messages taken when the end-user is not available or chooses not to answer the telephone. End-users may store, forward, retrieve and erase the messages.
Feature List  
Toll free (800) telephone number Instant Activation
Web dashboard for configuration, message retrieval, and detailed call reports Standard billing rate .05/minute inbound when usage is over 500 minute per month. Standard billing rate is .07/minute inbound when usage is less than 500 minutes per month.
Transparent fax detection and delivery to email Message delivery to email
New messages are never deleted (unless email delivery is active) Saved messages are stored for 30 days (unless email delivery is active)

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