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Resources For Your Hearing Impaired Child

Written by Jacob C. Herman

Hearing Aids

U.S. Health Department Hearing Aid Funding -Provides resources for parents to obtain financial help towards purchasing hearing aids for their child.


Baby Hearing- Describes the types of hearing aids for children, infants and illustrates tips on making hearing aids comfortable for infants.

Types of Hearing Aids- Alexander Graham Bell organization explains the types of hearing aids.

American Speech Language Hearing- The association focuses on developing proficient communication for those who are hearing impaired by providing information on hearing aids and other technology.

Funding for Parents- Explains insurance benefits and other sources that parents can utilize to purchase hearing aids for their children.


Communication Options- United States Department of Education provides advice for children with hearing loss about technology and communication alternatives.

For Family and Friends- Methods on communicating efficiently with those with a hearing loss.

Communication Choices- The Philadelphia's Children Hospital program called the Deafness and Family Communication Center provides a variety of communication styles for parents.

Cued Speech-   This association uses cued speech as a way for the hearing impaired to grasp the elementary properties of speech.

Educational Facilities

Beverly School for the Deaf- A school based in Beverly Massachusetts primarily focuses on children with hearing disabilities.

Oral Deaf Education- An educational program focused on family playing an important part in the child's listening abilities.

Montana School for the Deaf and Blind- A state supported Colorado school for deaf and blind children established in 1893.

National Deaf Education - The center offers training, technical support, and essential information for parents.

School for the Deaf- California education facility for the hearing impaired from early childhood up to high school age.

Government Pages

Diagnosis- Indiana Health Department's program supplies information on screening newborns for hearing impairment.

Early Hearing Detection- North Carolina program for recognizing hearing loss early in life.

Florida Hearing Center -A Florida non-profit organization that provides testing and treatment for those of all ages.

Services for the Hearing Impaired- Wisconsin's educational, training, and program resources for the hearing impaired and deaf.


Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People- A charity that offers support for those who are hearing impaired.

Hearing Center- The nonprofit organization offers hearing evaluations , hearing aids, counseling, and amplified phones.

The Children's Hearing Institute - Founders Simon and Elaine Parisier implemented the institute to offer support and education to hearing impaired children and family members.

Beginnings for Deaf Children- An Organization supporting the needs of families and insuring they receive accurate information about hearing technology and support groups.

Center for Hearing and Communication- Guidance and support for parents evaluating their children for hearing loss.

American Society for Deaf Children- National non-profit association uses parent to parent support for deaf children.

Publications & Websites

Brigham Women's Hospital-Publication about text4deaf allows those who are hearing impaired to receive (local voicemail) through their cell phone.

American Journal of Audiology- Using hearing aids with infants and toddlers.

National Dissemination Center – National center for children with disabilities. The center focuses on education, family support, and state agency support.

Deaf Education Awareness- National Deaf Project bringing reform and awareness about education for deaf or hearing impaired children.

Helping Children who are Deaf- Publishing company that allows downloads of their book Helping Children who are Deaf.

Hear It- Children and hearing loss.

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