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Why Choose to Partner with VoiceNation

Your subscribers receive the most amazing communications service while you make money. Can there be anything more satisfying than making a living by improving people's lives? From a technical standpoint you will know that you have the full weight of not only a service provider but also the technology creator. If you come to us with a special need or opportunity, you know that we can deliver. Our local coverage is unmatched. We have a robust nationwide network of local point of presence and interconnection agreements with many carriers. Quite simply this gives us local coverage across the entire country in 98% of all telephone LATAs.

Responsibilities of All Parties

The VoiceNation reseller strategy has removed multiple obstacles so that resellers can concentrate on selling and supporting customers. For example, you will not be responsible for purchasing equipment or providing technology support, we handle all of that. (For agents we even handle the billing and support) VoiceNation will be responsible for:

  • Web access for subscriber setup and provisioning for adding, modifying, or deleting features or functions.
  • Systems platforms and facilities for the network, website, subscriber web-access, application-hosting, and other components of the VoiceNation Technology System
  • Selection, design, development, engineering, procurement, financing (including payments for all hardware and software), construction, management, and maintenance of hardware and software for the Technology System
  • Vendor selections, contracts, relationships and management including interface with carriers for telecom service troubleshooting

You will be responsible for:

  • Sales channels recruiting and management
  • Training your subscribers
  • Local business development and management
  • Sales productivity
  • Pricing, promotions, incentives and margins

The overall strategy is to build a service business that has significant residual cash flow for you and for us. A great way to build and profit from a business!

Why We Will Succeed

We will succeed based on many factors: YOU YOU are our secret weapon, core competence, competitive advantage and our reason for being...period! No competitor can or will offer the level of service, support, and capabilities that we offer at such a reduced rate. You will find nothing like us in the market place. We have raised the bar too high. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM VoiceNation has a successful and experienced management team that has been in the industry for decades. Their knowledge and combined expertise cannot be matched. They know what they are doing. TECHNOLOGY We are the architects of our technology. If you or your customers identify a feature-drive opportunity or uncover a technical issue, we have the ability to implement the necessary changes to meet your needs. Unlike other providers, you won't ever hear us mention that we put in a trouble-ticket with the manufacturer or we've called the experts. We are the experts. SMART USE OF WEB TECHNOLOGY You get secured access to a hosted business system that is designed to give you management and control over all aspects of your business, including prospecting, order entry, billing, customer service, accounting and reporting. FOCUS ON SELLING, NOT ADMINISTRATION We have structured VoiceNation reseller programs so that the resellers focus on selling and building a loyal customer base, with monthly recurring revenues. The structure also allows resellers to sell anywhere in the U.S. by removing the administrative burdens of equipment support, telecom contracts and other functions, resellers can focus on selling and generating revenue. FINANCIAL REWARDS VoiceNation resellers are self-starters and hard workers. They also are doing this for the money. Once a customer base is established, the residual income becomes significant. INTERDEPENDENCY The VoiceNation reseller program has been structured so that we work together as a team. That means we support each other and solve problems together. VoiceNation recognizes that the key to success is through the success of everyone involved. You have to win!