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Online Telephone Directories

Written by Jacob C. Herman

When you are trying to find a telephone number, online telephone directories may be the way to go. You can almost always find the phone number that you need, whether you are searching for a person or business in the United States, or internationally. Plus, many online directories offer reverse-searches, people searches, links to voicemail, virtual phone numbers, answering services, maps and more.

National Telephone Directories

SwitchBoard Offers numbers, maps, people finder, and zip codes

White Pages Lists people and businesses, maps, and a reverse phone number look up

Yellow Pages Mobile and personal numbers of businesses

Phone Book DOE employees and contractor staff around the country

LBL Phone book for Berkeley lab employees from the US Dept. of Energy

Pueblo Federal citizen telephone information center

AT&T AT&T online phone directory

Anywho Yellow and white pages, reverse phone number look-up

Dex Knows Browse by city, category, or state

411 USA online phone directory

Free People Search Free and easy telephone and person search directory

Area Code Local National phone directory

Whitepages AOL People, zip codes

Addresses Phone directory and email search

Directory-Assistance White and yellow page phone directory

Reverse Phone Directory Reverse phone number look-up

Askyp USA yellow pages

International Telephone Directories

Number Way services areas such as South America, Asia, Canada, USA, and more

Iol White and yellow pages for Ireland

Beninphonebook Africa Online telephone directly

Friends Reuinted International telephone directory and people search

Telephoneno Telephone directory for the World

Anywho International International phone numbers

Kropla International dialing codes

Infobel Yellow pages of the Caribbean

Country Calling Codes International country codes

Numberway Germany online directory

Phone Book of the World World international telephone directory

Tel Switzerland phone directory

About Canada telephone directory

Fone Finder USA and Canada numbers

Wayp USA and Canada numbers

Escape Artist International numbers, embassy numbers

Apnidirectory Canadian directory and surrounding areas

800 Telephone Directories

Inter800 Toll-free 800 directory

Internettollfree National toll free directory

Freesearching National toll free directory

Cell Phone Directories

Cellpages Free online cell phone directory

Search Detective Online cell phone directory, also reverse cell phone

Mobile Phone UK, Canada, and USA cell phone numbers


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