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Native American Writers

Native Americans are proud of their heritage. Their own history was preserved through the spoken word throughout the generations. With the advent of writing in their culture, storytellers began to preserve these stories with the written word and now the whole world can share in their history. Incidentally, many Native American authors do not copyright their work because they believe the whole tribe owns the story. Many tribes have their own phone number and voicemail posted for contact purposes.

Paula Gunn Allen: an inclusive site of Allen's life and work including links to her writing as well as tributes to her life.

Jeannette Armstrong: a bioneer.

Shonto Begay: link to this very talented artist's biography, photos of his work and a link to his events.

Kimberly Blaeser: this page gives a short biography of this author and her book can be purchased here, too.

Gertrude Simmons Bonnin: biography and more information on Gertrude Simmons Bonnin

Joseph Bruchac: this site offers free video and audio files and a link to his events.

Chief Seattle: pictures and information on this important leader of the Puget Sound Indians. He was known for his courage and leadership. He was a gifted orator and diplomat between the local Europeans, other local tribes and his own tribe.

Ella Cara Deloria: this site offers her biography as well as informative sites.

Michael Dorris: anthropologist and author, founded a Native American Studies program. A short biography and list of his works can be found here.

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve: writer of children's books and advocate, her works tries to destroy the stereotype of Indians usually portrayed in movies.

Jimmy Durham: the biography of this Native American artist as well as what inspires him can be found here. He could be called the Renaissance Native American because he dabbles in almost all art forms.

Louise Erdrich: this site talks about her inspiration for her poetry, and includes more Native American writers works.

Janet Campbell Hale: this page talks of how she was inspired to move back to her reservation to write, and gives a review of her autobiography.

Joy Harjo: the personal website of this musician, writer and artist offers links to buy her work, a link to her blog, and a resources and FAQs page.

Leanne Howe: a Choctaw from Oklahoma and author of several novels. Her biography, reviews and purchase information are on this page.

Beverly Hungry Wolf: follows the ways of her grandmothers and would like to pass it on to future generations. She talks about her inspiration here.

Emily Pauline Johnson: a Mohawk poet from the Six Nations Reserve, and wrote her poetry before she was old enough to write it down. Her biography can be found here.

Maude Kegg: a Native American storyteller and artist, loves to share the traditions and stories of her people, which can be found here

Winona Laduke: Ojibwa environmentalist, she works to educate the public about environmental issues and raise money and support for her causes. Her story and links to her passions are found on this page.

John Lamedeer: this site offers insight to his personality and links to the things that are important to him.

N Scott Momaday: is a Native American author, the son of an author and artist. His work broke through the barrier, making people aware of the Native people's work.

Christine Quintasket (Mourning Dove): biography, links, and additional information can be found at this site.

Simon Ortiz: An Acoma Pueblo Native American, he battled alcoholism due to the weight of the plight of his people. This page offers a biography interspersed with quotes from him.

Chief Simon Pokagon: the Longfellow of Native Americans, met with two American presidents and smoked the peace pipe with one. This page offers links to other great Native Americans.

Carter Revard: This is a link to a thirty six page PDF file of an interview with this poet and scholar.

Wendy Rose: a voice for the Native American community as well as a self professed "spy in the camp of anthropologists". This site has much information about this poet.

Joe Sando: a Native American and historian, he has traveled the world speaking about his people and is a renowned author. This site gives links for him as well as his people.

Sequoyah: author of the Cherokee language system, he invented 85 symbols to capture his native language. This site also includes the museum dedicated to him.

Leslie Marmon: a Laguna Pueblo storyteller, she uses this page to not only describe her writing but why she uses the techniques she uses.

Standing Bear: story of the Dakota Sioux Chief and his tribe and how he was instrumental in getting back the land taken from them by the government.

John Trudell: a Native American Poet whose work ranges from drama to humor, he shows you the Native American culture through his eyes. This is his personal site where his work may be purchased.

Velma Wallis: her personal website where you can buy her books, read her biography as an Alaskan native, and check out other useful links.

Anna Lee Walters: a Native American poet and mystery writer from Oklahoma and now living in Arizona. This site also offers links to other Native American authors.

James Welch: Blackfeet author and poet who was able to show life through the Native American's perspective. This page offers his biography.

Charles Phillip White (Whitedog): an Ojibway poet. His site also gives instructive articles, such as his "16 Powow Rules" and links to other Ojibway writings.

Ray Young Bear: a Meskwaki author whose mission is to educate the world on his people's culture. This site gives an inclusive interview with this writer.

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