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How to Find Music Software on the Internet

Written by Jacob C. Herman

In today's society, computers are central to life, and one particularly popular use is music. The old type of bulky stereos with separate record, cassette and cd players are going the way of the old console television. Now people use their personal computer and even call centers to find, store, listen to and create their own music. Below are some sites to help gain the most use from your computer for your own listening pleasure.

Glossary This is a helpful site for the beginner. It is a comprehensive list of all the terms encountered when making music on a computer.

MODPlug Tracker offers its software which allows music creation as well as a Player for those files. Both are free.

Finale Music offers software to create print music, as well as other applications. This is serious software for the dedicated artist.

Stereo Space Extender turns your mono recordings to stereo. Make your homemade tracks sound professional.

Elevation is a practice and recording software. It will help analyze your session and train your ear.

Mixcraft is an innovative program that offers sound effects. Animal, nature and common sounds (such as boiling water) are available to enhance your recordings.

Notation offers software that translates audio files into sheet music. This is helpful for getting those hidden notes.

Musicstacker is the software to use when you would like to remaster audio files on your computer. Add a little sparkle to your purchased tunes.

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MP3 to WAV This software was created for DJs. It is a very flexible and useful program.

Smart Audio Converter This software is quick and user friendly. It easily converts from one type of file to the other.

Music-Converters offers software to convert WAV, MP3 and WMA files. They also offer converters for ringtones and DVD rippers.

WMA-MP3 This site has more than one converter for a variety of files. Many of their converters are for protected files.

Files for Free Easily create WAV or MP3 from your own CDs. This is a shareware program.

Switch Audio Converter comes in different levels, one for the beginner, one for the professional and one in between. They offer a free version for the beginner.

Spin It Again creates MP3s and WAV files from vinyl records and cassette tapes. It claims the new files are free of the ‘record noise.'

Multimedia Test This software checks that the speakers are working properly. There are several tests for different types of speakers.

Hear and Play offers a system to train a newbie to play by ear. It claims it can train someone to play by ear in just weeks.

Maven Wizard This works to test and tweak the sound system. Like they say, it would be a waste of money to buy a system and not have it at peak performance.

Tune Smithy This software tests the sound card in your computer to get the best performance from it. This site offers a multitude of software for the music lover.

SigJenny You can create your own tone bursts and record them with this software. The creations can be saved as WAV files.

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