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Custom Voicemail

VoiceNation helps you reach customers YOUR way!

Custom Applications

If you can dream it, we can create it.

VoiceNation has over a decade of experience delivering sophisticated answering solutions. A valuable and major part of that experience is the result of solving real-world challenges faced by our customers. While other companies are trying to convince their platform's manufacturer to make certain improvements, our team of developers have already implemented them. This makes VoiceNation unique because we are the actual architects of our technology. We don't have to call the experts, we are the experts.

"A toll-free number is no longer an expensive luxury for large businesses--it's now an inexpensive necessity for small businesses. This type of service can be a great boost to a small business's image."
— Joel Holland, Vienna, VA

Featured Application

Store Locator Telephone Application

Any business or organization with multiple locations will find this service to be quite useful because it provides callers the ability to find a specific store based on its location. This ensures that each caller reaches the location nearest to them, helping to meet everyone’s needs more conveniently. This hosted phone application greets each caller with a custom introductory greeting and prompts them to enter their zip code from their touchtone phone. The zip code is then interpreted and used to locate the store within their vicinity. Users can specify a certain radius of miles they want their service to search between zip codes.

Once the location is found, our system either plays a message to the caller, which might include: the store address, location and/or driving instructions, store hours, etc… or the caller can be connected to the nearest store location by simply pressing an option on the phone keypad. Each zip code can have its own personal greeting and forwarding options.

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Other Voicemail Applications Available

Telephone Lead Distribution

Calls from a local or toll free number are distributed to your team members in a “round robin” fashion, no matter where they are. This service caters to high volume call centers and marketing teams who want to evenly distribute leads and expect to receive high volumes of voicemails and calls.


We provide advertisers with a local or toll free number that forwards all calls to an office, home or cell number. Each call is captured using VoiceNation’s Business Intelligence Call Reports to give users real time results on their marketing efforts. AdTracker provides a true report of ROIs by recording the date, time, caller ID, call duration, geographic location and more, for each call received.

High Volume Voicemail

VoiceNation hosts a voice platform that can handle thousands of calls per hour; perfect for television and radio contests! Organizations who have utilized this exquisite service application are Comedy Central,RadioONE, and Clear Channel Radio to name a few.

Karaoke Voicemail

Entertainment oriented industries find this karaoke style service to be of great use for contests and talent shows. Originally it was designed for world renowned record producer, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. This service offers a toll free number that allows callers to leave a 60 second karaoke message which is then converted to audio format for further use.

Custom Templates for Marketing Groups

VoiceNation has worked with top network marketing groups such as AVON, The National Companies,Melaluca, Kevin Trudeau and others to create automated lead capture systems for their independent sales reps. These systems work directly with large and small companies who want to provide their reps with a common phone service that can be updated at anytime. Each team member receives their own phone number equipped with a universal pre-recorded message that can be changed for all team members at anytime. Group messaging is also available with this service, making it even easier for everyone to stay informed.

Greeting to Web

This service is primarily used for disaster recovery/business continuity solutions. It was originally developed when furniture giant, La-Z-Boy, contacted VoiceNation looking for a unique solution for their employee emergency hotline. This service works with an API solution that lets you record a personal greeting on your VoiceNation number. This greeting is then posted to a website of your choice. Often times in weather related emergencies phone lines are down but internet service may still be up, or vice versa. Having this greeting in two locations ensures your employees will stay in informed.

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