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Antiques on the Internet

Written by Jacob C. Herman

There are many antique treasures to be found online. A quick search on the Web can be a time saving alternative to a weekend expedition through a line of antique shops. Technological antiques such as computers, telephones, and televisions can be found online along with specific facts relating to their design. In addition, information is available on the prices and values of these vintage items.

Peruse this gathering of technology-related antiques and nostalgic collectibles.

· Collectible Computers for Sale : Check out the old Apple computers for sale here. If you are interested in a particular computer but dubious about its price, you are invited to contact the seller about it.

· A Selection of Digital Treasures : Discover the technological treasures that are computer-related. The information includes descriptions and prices.

· Telephones from History : View the large inventory of telephones used through history including payphones, familiar character phones, and other unique designs.

· A Collection of Phones : Features a large collection of phones sorted by brand, style, material of the phone, and its time period.

· Old Radios for Sale : A selection of vintage radios dating back to the 1920s. A photograph is accompanied by a description of the condition of each radio.

· Antique Televisions : Browse this gathering of vintage black and white or color televisions in a variety of designs.

· Collectible Radios : Among the antique radios available for sale: console, clock radios, and portable size.

· Vintage Phonographs : A unique inventory of antique phonographs. Also available for sale: clocks, speakers, and more.

· Vintage Electronic Items : Look through the inventory of vintage televisions, radios, speakers, and other interesting items that are available.

· Unique Radios from the Past : Restored radios for sale pictured with full description of size, capabilities, and price.

A great way to find out the specifics on different antiques is to check out online bulletin boards and classified advertisements:

· Classified Advertisements for Collectibles : A source of classified ads for all sorts of collectibles including vintage radios.

· Advertisements for Radio Collectors : A place to buy and sell vintage radios for the dedicated collector.

· Antique Forum : Ask questions and exchange knowledge with people who share a love of all sorts of antiques.

· Forum Board for Antique Lovers : Helpful location for antique collectors to ask questions and compare information.

· A Place to Buy and Sell Treasures : Join other antique enthusiasts in the process of buying, selling, or just browsing through these classified advertisement pages filled with undiscovered treasures.

· An Abundance of Information for Collectors : Useful discussion is offered at this location about an assortment of antiques and collectible items.

· Assistance for Antique Enthusiasts : Ask questions about your vintage electronic antique or check out the classified advertisements that are seen around the world.

· Older Model Television Inventory : Classified advertisements for televisions made in the early and mid-twentieth century.

· Radio Discussion Group : A forum to discuss vintage radios with other owners and people who are interested in the subject.

· Valued Treasures : Classified advertisements, a bulletin board, and news items are among the helpful items offered to fans of antiques at this location.

There are many forums set up for antique lovers that are tailored to a specific collector's interest.

· Vintage Computer Forum : Great area to discuss vintage computer questions and get ideas on how to fix problems that may come up with a treasured older computer.

· Collectors of Old Computers Share Knowledge : Information is swapped here by enthusiasts of old computers about all aspects of these antique items.

· Vintage Telephone Information Shared : Antique telephones and the detailed history that surrounds them are the topics of interest if you join in on this discussion.

· Discussions Concerning Antique Televisions : Find out more about a particular vintage television's price or details of design in this gathering of antique television enthusiasts.

· Phonograph Issues : Travel to this forum for phonograph collectors to talk with others about phonograph music, repair, and where to buy.

· Rotary Phone Facts : Read other owner and collector's thoughts on vintage phones with a rotary dial.

· People Discussing Radios : Conversation, questions, and answers all shared with fellow vintage radio collectors.

· TV Forum for Collectors : Discussion can be found here concerning the finer points of vintage televisions.

· Antique Radio Repair Forum : Learn about the technical side of antique radio collection in this forum.

· Vintage Radio Talk : Talk with others interested in vintage radios.

Many businesses can be found online that specialize in antiques and collectibles.

· Antique Technology Items : Sale of collectible telephones, televisions, radios, and more.

· Antiques and Collectibles : Check out this extensive selection of antiques and collectibles including technology-related items.

· Facts about Vintage Radio : Peruse the information here about how to identify a particular antique radio of value called a Crosley.

· Antique Telephone Information : Discover information about the history of various antique telephones, advice on how to appraise an item, and more assistance on how to best handle antique treasures.

· Attractive, Vintage Telephones : Look through this collection of attractive vintage phones that have been refurbished and are available for sale.

· Antique Radio and TV Information : History and information on all aspects of antique radio and television offered at this location.

· Old Car Radios : Browse this inventory of radios designed for classic cars.

· Antique Phones for Sale : Photographs and detailed descriptions accompany the impressive inventory of antique telephones.

· Antique Computers Offered : An inventory of antique computers that are in working order. Computers are sorted into categories by brand name and photographs are offered.

· Nostalgic Pay Phones and More : Novelty telephones, Candlestick telephones, pay phones, and more featured in this overflowing collection of vintage phones for purchase.

Whether you are in the business of collecting antiques or are simply a lover of vintage technology, there is an inexhaustible supply of antique resources to be found online. Technology has come leaps and bounds from the technologies of yesterday from electronic voicemail, virtual pbx, computers and computer programs that far exceed those of the past plus much more. Having a passion for the machines and technology of the past makes those appreciate where we have come from.

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