Support Terms

Before using the support services for OpenAnswer as provided by VoiceNation, LLC please read the following terms and conditions. VoiceNation will provide timely support services for OpenAnswer and OpenQView for paying customers in one of the available levels of support services. Support will be provided as long as the subscribed terms are active and within the agreed term of contract, either one or three years, as selected at the time of request for support and payment has been received and processed in full.

Tickets will be handled as quickly as possible in the order that they have been received, usually within 4 business hours. VoiceNation's support team will assess your support request and provide assistance as per the scope outlined in your selected plan.

Refund/Cancelation Policy:

If at any time you are not satisfied with the level of support you are receiving, you may cancel your service contract at anytime and/or request a refund by contacting the sales team direction at sales or by mail to the address below.

Privacy Policy:

VoiceNation respects your privacy and will treat all of your private personal information secure and will not share any information with any third-party without your consent. We will contact you via the telephone number or email provided in the application form for support services. 

Contact Information:

If at any time you need to contact us directly, you may do so using the following information:



EMAIL:  sales

FAX: (678) 318-1300

PHONE NUMBER:  (866) 766-5050 x 3