On-Call Lists

The agent scripts often contain instructions for the call center dispatchers to locate a person from a list of multiple on-call employees.  For example, the agent script requires the operator to call the first person on the on-call list.  When that person is not available the operator will proceed with the next person on the list, and so on until someone is reached.  OpenAnswer allows you to enter on-call lists that are time sensitive.  Meaning the on-call lists on one day may be different than the one from the previous day.

For example, in the list above, the On-call list titled 'After Hours' has a default on call list of 'Desiree, Joyce, Mary, and Tim'. The Support On-call list has a list specified for Apr 29, 2013 until May 6, 2020. At any other time, the default On-Call list is used instead.