Clicking a row of the employee table will allow you to edit the details for that particular employee. The various sections of the employee detail page are shown below:

NOTE: You will not be able to delete contact information that is currently being used in the calltype instructions or has been included in an on-call list or message summary list. For instance, the email address for the employee above is being used in one of the calltype instructions. You will not be able to delete this employee until the calltype instructions are edited to use a different employee.


OpenAnswer delivers messages via text messaging by utilizing emails.  Each cell carrier has its own email gateway.  For instance the email gateway for AT&T is txt.att.net.  To send a text message to the mobile number 222-333-4444, an email containing the text is sent to 2223334444@txt.att.net.  OpenAnswer by default comes with an extensive list of cell carriers.  However, should a carrier need to be added the steps are as follows:

From the 'Employees' setup page, click on 'Cell Carriers'.   On the dialog window, enter the name, email gateway address and click on the 'Add' button.  The 'prefix' field is optional.  Some email gateways require a prefix (such as a '1') to be added to the the number (i.e 12223334444@some.emailgateway.net) to send the text.