Using the Calendar

There are several different ways of using the calendar:

  • One is through the back-end pages
  • Another is by integrating the calendar into the agent script
  • And yet another way is by selecting the calendar from the message review screen

Viewing the calendar from the backend pages

From 'Phone Number Setup', enter a sub-account to search for, and then click on 'Calendars' to display the calendars for that sub-account.  From the list of calendars, click on 'view calendar' and a pop up window will appear displaying the calendar.

Using a Calendar in the Agent Script

To use the appointment calendar in the agent script, select 'Schedule appointment' for the action type and a drop down with the available calendars can be configured as the action recipient.  For more information on configuring the agent script, go to



On the operator screen, the call handling script will have a 'Calendar' button that the operator can click on to schedule an appointment for the call.