Managing Appointments

Adding an Appointment

To create an appointment, click on an available time slot on the calendar window.  For a daily calendar, click on the day of the week that the appointment is to be set for.  A pop-up similar to one shown below will appear prompting the user to input various information.  The user prompts will depend on the type of calendar the appointment is being scheduled

For calendars utilizing time slots:
  • the 'Service' and 'Provider' fields are auto-populated
  • the 'Start Date/ Time' is auto-populated based on where the user had clicked on the calendar.  Clicking on this input field will bring up a calendar from which a different date/time may be selected.
  • the 'End Date/ Time is auto-populated based on default service duration set for this appointment calendar.  Clicking on this input field will bring up a calendar from which a different date/time may be selected.
  • the 'Notes' field can be used to enter misc information about the appointment
  • the 'Customer Details' section contained the prompts that the calendar has been configured to gather information from the caller. Identical prompt entries that have been gathered from the operator screen will automatically get transferred to the appointment scheduler. 
  • For instance, in the example below the operator has entered the 'First and Last Names' and 'Phone Number' of the caller on the operator screen.  The calendar also has been configured with identically named prompts.  When the operator clicks on the 'Calendar' button on the operator screen and then proceeds to schedule the appointment, the text that has been entered for these two prompts will be transferred automatically to the appointment setting dialog window.


To finalize the appointment setting, click on the 'Save' button.  An alert box will be shown if any of the required fields (marked with '*') is blank.  After the appointment is saved, the calendar window will automatically closed if the calendar was opened from the operator screen. A notification email or text containing the details of the appointment is sent to the provider if it the feature has been enabled for the provider.

For daily calendars:

The only fields that will be different for a daily calendar would be the start and ending date/time of the appointment.   Instead of prompting for a date and time, the appointment scheduler will only require the operator to enter the start and end dates without the time.

Editing an Appointment

On the calendar you can drag and drop the calendar to another time slot within the calendar view if all that is needed is to change the start/ end time.  As soon as the drag and drop is performed successfully, an undo button (see image below) will appear.  This button is useful in  reversing an accidental drag and drop.

If other information besides the start/ end times need to be edited, left-click on the appointment and click on 'Edit'

Deleting an Appointment

An appointment can be deleted from a couple of different places:

  • By clicking on the appointment on the calendar view and selecting 'Delete'.
  • By clicking 'Delete' on the appointment list viewed from the calendar backend pages (see next section on viewing the appointment list).

Appointment List

To view the appointment list for a calendar, click on 'Phone Number Setup', 'Calendars' and click on 'appoinment list' link within the calendar list.

When the appointment list appears, click on a specific row to view the appointment in its entirety.  Click on the trash can icon to delete an appointment.

Filtering the search result

To perform a text search of the appointments, enter a 'Search' term and a date range and click on 'Go'.  The date range is required to perform a text search.