• Asterisk server running version 11 or 13. (Our production server is running Asterisk 11).
  • FreePBX (optional). This document will reference setting up the Asterisk server using the FreePBX GUI manager for Asterisk.
  • A Linux webserver with the following installed
    • LAMP
    • Redis server
    • NodeJs (tested with 0.10.xx)
    • node-gyp installed (required to compile some of the node module binaries) (on linux, 'yum install node-gyp')
    • mysql-devel installed (on linux, 'yum install mysql-devel')
    • PHP phpredis extension installed (

Server Configuration

Make sure .htaccess override and mod_rewrite and enabled on the OpenQview (if installed) and OpenAnswer directories. Refer to for more information

Install nvm, a node version manager, that will allow easy installation of different node versions and easy switching between versions.

Install node-gyp, which is required to compile some of node modules.