Outbound Calls

The following dialog box will appear when the agent needs to make an outbound call:


The dialog box has an 'Incoming Call' section and an 'Outbound' section. When you hit a button under the 'Incoming Call' section it will affect the caller. If you hit a button under the 'Outbound' section it will affect the outbound call to the client.  The bottom section of the dialog box displays the status of the inbound call, agent, and outbound call (if present).  In the figure above, the status indicates that the inbound call is currently speaking with the agent. 

Incoming Call Buttons

  • Hold - the hold button will put both the the caller and agent into the hold queue and they both will hear hold music. At this point the 'Dial' button in the Outbound section becomes enabled.
  • Talk - takes the inbound caller and agent out of hold and connect them together.
  • Hangup - hangup the inbound call

Outbound Buttons

  • Dial - Dials the number shown in the phone number field.  This field will default to the number of the employee configured in the action script but can be overwritten by typing in a different number.  If the selected employee has an extension number, it will be displayed next to the phone number.
  • Talk -  Takes the outbound call out of hold and connects it to the agent
  • Hold - Puts the oubound call and agent on hold

Other Buttons

  • Patch - Connects the inbound call to the outbound call and drops the agent
  • Return - Exits out of the outbound dialer box and enter the result of the outbound call (i.e: successfull, no answer, invalid number, etc.).  If the call was successful and the agent script specifies that the outbound call should have a deliver action, both the dialout box and call screen are closed and the call/message is marked as 'delivered'.  Otherwise the dialout box is closed and the agent returns to execute the rest of the agent script instructions.
  • Cancel - Closes the outbound dialer dialog box

The various call buttons will be enabled and disabled at certain times during the call depending on the status of the incoming/ agent/ outbound call.  For instance, the 'Dial' button is disabled while the incoming call is connected to the agent.  Once both the incoming call and agent are put on hold, the 'Dial' button becomes enabled since the agent is now free to dial out.