Dispatcher/ Minders Panel

The Minders panel lists calls that still need further processing by an agent or dispatcher.  The Age column shows the overall age of the call and also the time that has elapsed since an action was performed on the call. The top of the Minders panel displays the number of Undelivered messages, also as a reminder that these messages might need further processing before being delivered.

How do message end up in the Minders panel?

There are several reasons:

  • The agent script instructs the agent to send the message to 'Dispatch' from the call screen.  This is often the case where the agent scripts contain somewhat complex instructions that should be handled by a experienced agent/ dispatcher.
  • The message was sent to 'Dispatch' from the Message Review screen.
  • The message was set for 'Hold-til' status which is triggered from the Message Review screen.  The agent specifies a  date/ time to hold the message until.  When the date/ time elapses, the message will appear in the minder for the dispatchers to process.