OpenAnswer Installation

Note: PHP phpredis extension must be installed ( for OpenAnswer to work correctly

  1. Copy the OpenAnswer source code to the root web directory for the domain name you have configured for OpenAnswer (i.e:
  2. Create the openanswer database (i.e. 'openanswer') and execute the sql script openanswer.sql to create the necessary tables (execute 'mysql openanswer < openanswer.sql' from the Linux command line)
  3. Copy app/Config/core.php.default to app/Config/core.php and modify to reflect your server setup.  Note that the port setting portion ('8081' by default) of the URL specified for 'openConnectorServer' should match the websocket port number specified in the OpenConnector's settings.js file.
  4. Copy app/Config/database.php.default to app/Config/database.php and modify to reflect your server setup
  5. Copy app/Config/bootstrap.php.default to app/Config/bootstrap.php and modify to reflect your server setup
  6. Copy app/Config/email.php.default to app/Config/email.php and modify to reflect your server setup
  7. Make sure app/tmp and all its subdirectories are owned and writable by the web server user.
  8. The installation comes with a default user, having administrative privileges, with the username 'admin' and password 'admin'.  You should be able to pull up the OpenAnswer login page by pointing your web browser to