Managing Users/ Agents

The 'Users' admin page gives the options to:

  • Create/ edit logins for users
  • Change user password
  • Assign agents to the Asterisk queues


Creating/ Editing a user

A few of the fields on the user creation/ edit page need some clarifications:

  • Role - an Operator has limited access to account/ subaccount setup.  An operator basically is able to take calls, view messages and call history, but not edit account information.  Currently a 'Manager' and 'Administrator' have identical roles, more features will become available to the 'Adminstrator' users in future releases of the OpenAnswer.  Currently the 'User' role is also unused.
  • Display Stat - Many call centers require statistics/ metrics to be collected on their agents to measure performance.  Checking this box on the user setup screen will include that agent in performance reports.

Queue Assignments - assigns agents to the various asterisk queues.  When the agent indicates that he/ she is ready to take calls, the agent is automatically logged in to the assigned asterisk queues.  The penalty refers to the asterisk queue penalty assignments.  Refer to the asterisk documentation for futher information.  This field is optional and can be left blank if not needed in the queue setup.