Creating/ Editing a Sub-Account

From the account detail page, click on 'Add Sub-Account'. To edit an existing one, just click on the edit icon for the sub-account:

Finding a sub-account to edit can also be done by entering a partial company name or account number at the top of the 'Phone Number' section.

The setup of the sub-account is broken up into various sections as described below.

Sub-Account Basic Information

The 'Basic Info' tab will allow you to specify the general information about the client. This includes their contact information, timezone, answer phrase, queue assignments, etc. The section titled 'Operator Screen Info' contains the information that the client may want to provide to the callers when requested. The visibility of each field may be toggled by marking the visibility checkbox. When marked visibile, the information will appear on the operator's call screen:

Assigning a phone number

You can assign more than one phone number to a sub-account.  When a call comes in to the call center for the specified phone number and the operator answers the call, the operator screen will automatically pop open.

For clients with difficult-to-pronounce names, an audio recording of the pronunciation can be recorded on this page also. To record an audio, click on the microphone symbol below the company's name. At this point the browser will most likely ask for consent to use the microphone. Click to agree and the following dialog box will appear. Click on “Record” and say the correct pronunciation. Click on 'Stop' and the browser will play back the recorded audio. Click 'Save' once you are happy with the recording.

Answer Phrase

The phrase the agent will greet the caller with.  Either select on of the phrases from the drop down selection or enter a custom answer phrase

DID Color

Can be utilized to color-code a sub-account and will appear as a background color for the answer phrase (see below) on the agent's call screen.  An example use of the color code is to flag certain sub-accounts based on their complexity.  For instance you can use a blue color code for accounts with simple agent scripts and use another color for those with more complex call handling scripts. 

Queue Difficulty

A number from 1 to 10 to rate the complexity of the sub-account.  In our call center this number is used to route incoming phone calls to the various asterisk call queues using the Smartroute plugin for Asterisk.

Contact Name/ Phone/ Email

Used strictly for administrative purpose only, these settings do not show up on the call screen or affect any functionality of OpenAnswer.

Exclude prompt titles from text msgs

For clients who prefer short text messages, the prompt titles can be excluded from text messages by setting this field to 'Yes'. 

Include Msg ID in messages

Set to 'Yes' include the message ID generated by the system in the message delivery.

Email Format

Sets the email formatting used in message delivery to either text/ html.  If 'html' is selected both text and html versions are sent out

Email Subject Template

Can be used to customized the email subject line of the message delivery email.  Leave blank to use default formatting, otherwise %a = account number, %m=message id, %n = company name, %c = calltype, %d = caller id. (Ex: "Message from %d")


Set to 'Receptionist' if the client prefers the agents to present themselves as receptionists instead of identifying themselves as answering service agents.

Call Volume Info

All fields under this section are used strictly for administrative purpose only.  These settings do not show up on the call screen or affect any functionality of OpenAnswer.