Three Powerful Features of OpenAnswer

As you might have heard already, OpenAnswer, VoiceNation's new open source answering service software has been released and we're starting to see interest through the industry in how it can potentially be a game changer. Just this morning we received a call from someone ready to break the chains of an outdated, proprietary system and migrate to something more flexible for their operation. There's something to be said for controlling every aspect of your code base.

So that brings us to a quick list of three features we think contribute to OpenAnswer being the obvious solution for a modern answering service. Here goes:

1. Drag and Drop Agent Script Setup

This feature allows operators to quickly setup complex scripts with the simplicity of dragging and dropping available features. It's fast, easy to modify and is intuitive so very little training is involved to get operators up to speed. 

2. Time-Sensitive Agent Scripts

With OpenAnswer, you can have a different agent script enabled for a specific date/time range. This is perfect for when you want a different script on the weekends, holidays or even just at different hours of the day.

3. Performance Reports Built-in

We added this feature in because it's really a necessity in a high-capacity answering service environment.  Pull reports for call quality, breaks and general call auditing. See trends in your performance without installing separate software or configuring APIs.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the amazing features built right into OpenAnswer but for an open source software package, we think you'll agree that it's worth a look on your own servers. Download the latest build today and be sure to let us know what you think over on our forum or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook