Is it time to rethink your call center solution?

OpenAnswer - Rethink your call center​Being in the live answering and call center business for over a decade this is something that we pondered for a long time. After countless hours and hours of dealing with overly structured, expensive systems that were rigid and still at the end of the day did not fully meet our needs we came to the conclusion, yes...yes it was time to rethink call center software solutions as a whole. For lack of a better way of handling it we created OpenAnswer, and not only that but decided to give it away for free. I know crazy, right?!

There are many things that play into making a call center solution work and beneficial. We took these into mind when we decided to make the whole concept of telephony software easier and truthfully make more sense. Below you will see some of the ones that matter more on a day to day basis, whether you are an IT administrator, call center manager, or CEO of your own business. 

Money and time

Budgets are a pain, right? Trying to balance out the growth of your customer base and expanding all at the same time can be overwhelming. With OpenAnswer we eliminated this whole mindset. How? It is built on and open source telephony software, Asterisk, and we made it free.  With the average rate for answering service software anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per seat, you quickly found out it will be a six-figure investment to build out and maintain a call center. Even a smaller one will run you well into the thousands. With OpenAnswer agent stations will no longer cost thousands of dollars to deploy.  With OpenAnswer being completely web-based, a call center manager can spin up a new agent in no time and have them operating in the system without needing to worry about new equipment purchases and software setup time.  And again, most importantly, it's free!

Who needs those contracts anyway?

Usually call center owners and businesses have their hands tied in very lengthy vendor contracts. As a business owner, with OpenAnswer, you will actually own your own solution and control it, unlike the closed-coded solutions currently available in the answering service industry.  You and your developers will have complete access to the code within the software to change, fix, and expand the software to meet YOUR business needs. All of this adds the flexibility that is not possible with the “one-size fits all” software constraints in the live answering industry software solutions in the market. more!

OpenAnswer has been crafted to be able to support busy call centers of all shapes and sizes. It is highly configurable but does not miss out on the latest bells and whistles needed for today’s call centers to get up and going from the very beginning. In addition to the robust scripting and flexibility OpenAnswer offers, it also has a built-in real-time queue and call monitoring application called OpenQView.  Which allows call center managers and staff to oversee their agents’ productivity, call volume, and includes real-time reporting and analytics through any web browser.  OpenAnswer and OpenQView combined with an intuitive admin UI which allows for complex account setup, provide an unmatched solution that has yet to exist up until now.  Again, this is all straight out of the box...errr...setup and then you can configure the software however you need to for your business to run.

These are just a few of the reasons why OpenAnswer is disrupting the telephone answering service industry. We take this software solution very serious. This is the same exact solution that we use in our 24/7 live answering service, VoiceNation Live. We understand the freedom and growth that this solution creates for businesses, big and small. We continue to make improvements and grow the software, which you reap the benefits of as well since we put those enhancements right into the update releases available on the site. All of this is our way of giving back to both the open source and call center communities that have helped us so much over the years.

So, is it time to ditch the expensive contracts and free business up to handle calls and service the way you really want to? Download and check OpenAnswer today by going to