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FAQs: Live Answering Service

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These are some commonly asked questions by customers when considering VoiceNation's live answering services. If you can't find the answer to your question, please give us a call for further assistance at 877-774-1717 or begin a live chat now to speak with a live answering expert.

Is there a contract to sign?
No. VoiceNation services are based on a month to month agreement.

Does VoiceNation offer 24x7 live answering?
Yes. Our U.S. based call centers operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Holidays and weekends are included at no additional cost.

Can I advertise the local or toll free number VoiceNation gives me?
Yes. You'll choose a local or toll free number and can advertise this number so calls will be directed to us.

Can I forward my existing office line or cell phone to VoiceNation?
Of course. There are two common types of call forwarding you can use and are setup through your local phone company who you own your phone number with.

       Busy or No Answer Call Forwarding:  When you have programmed this type of call forwarding with your phone company, your calls will be forwarded to us when you don't answer after a certain number of rings or your line is busy.  This ensures you never miss another call when you aren't available.  

       Remote or Manual Call Forwarding:  All major phone companies allow you to manually turn on call forwarding directly from your phone at anytime.  For example, if you are only going to use VN Live after hours and on the weekends, you would need to activate this type of forwarding when you leave the office and before the weekend.  This is also convenient if you need to step away from the office for a few moments. 

**IMPORTANT**  Some phone carriers have a limit on how many calls they will allow to be forwarded at the same time.  Meaning that if you use one of the two forwarding options above, your callers may get a busy signal if more than 1 person is calling you at the same time.  In order to make sure ALL your calls get through to our live answering service, we highly suggest you contact your phone company who your forwarded lines are through and make sure they have "multiple call paths" enabled for your forwarded lines.  Most phone companies only give you one call path by default.  All you have to do is call them to have this increased, in most cases with no charge.

How do VoiceNation operators know how to handle my calls?

When calls to your VoiceNation live answering number ring to us, your script and operator instructions are displayed on our operators' screen in an easy to read software. This software allows them to follow a simple step-by-step flow for each of your calls so we sound as a professional extension of your company with your company brand in mind.

How does your ALL INCLUSIVE billing work?
Each of our price plans (excluding 40 for 40 Quick Start) has a base monthly fee and a certain number of included live operator minutes. This base fee for each plan includes our entire suite of features bundled together. So, unlike most call centers who nickel and dime you with “a la carte” fees after charging a low monthly rate, VoiceNation charges a flat monthly rate so there are no surprises when you get your monthly bill.

Examples of these “a la carte" fees you can expect from other live answering companies are services like taking appointments, charging you for each call transfer/dispatch, charging a per minute fee for the entire time a patched call lasts, order taking, paging, voicemail, holiday or weekend fees, receiving faxes and even charging to send your messages to you any way other than email. With VoiceNation, there are no surprises.

Is there an extra charge for “patching”?
Nope. VoiceNation does not believe in nickel and diming our customers. Unlike most call centers, VoiceNation only bills for operator call handling time. If your script requires us to transfer (patch) calls directly to you or your team members, there will be no additional per minute or per call fees. Once we have successfully connected you with your callers you are no longer being billed.

**Make sure to ask about this hidden charge when choosing your answering service.**

Does VoiceNation charge extra to answer my phones on Holidays?
No way.

How long has VoiceNation been in business?
Since 2002 and still going strong.

Does VoiceNation outsource your call centers overseas?
Nope. Never.

Once I sign up, how long does it take before my calls are being answered live?
The minute you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to instantly activate your account. You can be up and running and have VoiceNation answering your calls within minutes of signing up.

What billing increment does VoiceNation use?
All live answering accounts are billed on one second increments. We don't round up to the next minute.

Will my phones always be answered by a live operator or will they be put on hold first?
All calls are answered by a live agent 24 hours a day. We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest hold times in the industry.

Do you bill by the minute or per call?
We bill by the minute rather than by the call so you pay for less time on calls lasting less than a minute. On average most calls last less than one minute, depending on what our operators are instructed to handle. For example, a wrong number call lasting only 5 seconds will only deduct 5 seconds from your bundle of minutes. If we were to bill you per call, you would see a whole unit deducted from your bundle for a call that lasted only a few seconds.

How much am I charged if I go over my minutes?
The per minute charge if you go over your minutes is $.95.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at anytime?
Yes, at anytime you can change your plan if you need more or less minutes. There are no penalty fees associated with changing your plan.

What's the difference between the 40 for 40 plan and the other plans?
The 40 for 40 plan was designed for anyone who just needs message taking. If you have more advanced needs, like call transferring or on call dispatching, you will need to go with the other plans we advertise on our pricing page.

How can I get my messages?
You can have your messages sent to you by email, text, fax and phone. (Fax and phone message delivery are not available on the $40 for 40 plan).

Can I track my minutes?
Yes, you will be able to track your minutes online from your online account login. From the home page you will see the amount of minutes you have accrued as of 11:59 the previous day.

Can I have a recurring report that shows all of my calls/messages?
Yes, not only can we email you a daily/weekly with a summary of your messages, you can also access this summary of messages online from your account dashboard. You will also be able to access and export a call history report which details the date, time, duration and caller ID of each incoming call.

Voice Nation supplies 'above and beyond' customer service and has been a true partner when supplying solutions for my Fortune 500 clients." - Patrick Brandimore, CMD Agency, Portland, OR