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The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

U.S. Coast Guard LogoVoiceNation became an integral part of Homeland Security as the United States Coast Guard Auxilary sought an innovative solution for documenting and routing calls. With no way to document messages or forward calls to the appropriate party, an important protector of our nation faced a dilemma.

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“VoiceNation has provided us with an extremely flexible means to facilitate effective external communication that saves us time and effort and ultimately allows us to deliver the highest level of service possible to our customers: the boating public.”
– Phil Mammano, Flotilla ViceCommander

Coast Guard RescueThe U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is a nonprofit organization whose volunteers are made up entirely of U.S. Coast Guard officers. All members are trained in Coast Guard military duties such as Search and Rescue or Recruiting. Each volunteer has a different role and responsibility within the Auxiliary but they are each there to provide safety and assistance to aquatic connoisseurs. They are “America’s Volunteer Lifesavers”.

As a nonprofit organization, volunteers often donate the use of their personal items such as boats, radio stations, and aircrafts. Before they contacted VoiceNation, they even provided their personal cell numbers as registration lines. This became a great nuisance not only to the owner of the phone, but also for the entire organization because it provided no true organizational system. There was no way to document messages or forward them to the appropriate parties and each year the number would change, forcing them to reprint all of their documents and materials. However, the members had little choice because they don’t have a physical office where calls can be routed.

The Complete VoiceNation Solution:

VoiceNation was able to provide the Coast Guard Auxiliary with a number that would not only take messages, but would also reformat the messages to an Mp3 to be sent to any number of email addresses. This virtual capability ensures that the organization has a reliable means of managing their calls and documenting their messages.

In addition to the message delivery to email capability, the Auxiliary members can now receive faxes to their number. All faxes are received to email as a PDF; so once again, they are able to manage their documents more effectively.

Now when Auxiliary programs change, all members need to do is record a new greeting and change the email addresses.

The Results

  • The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary can now receive all of their messages and faxes to email, allowing them to save, manage, and forward them appropriately.
  • Members don’t have to advertise their private cell numbers for Flotilla programs.
  • Calls are sent to a designated number that presents the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in a professional manner.
  • The lack of a physical office is no longer a nuisance to volunteers.

About VoiceNation

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Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard via Compfight cc