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OnlyOne Case Study on Reseller/Agent Opportunities

OnlyOneOnlyOne delivers a complete communications solution for phone, voicemail and fax through a single number, but their old platform had reached its limitation. Bill Kirk, Managing Partner for OnlyOne, wanted to build out the national footprint of his organization, but he found that OnlyOne"s current growth rate would not support the cost of expanding their network in-house.

Bill knew that a reseller arrangement could open up untouched markets, but he had very specific criteria in mind to protect the high satisfaction level of his current customer base. He wanted a partner who was financially stable and who had many years of experience in this industry. He wanted a partner who was proactive and responsive to his needs. Most importantly, he had to have a technology that could replicate his current offering, so his customers could have a seamless transition over to the new system. VoiceNation was the only vendor that could deliver on all three.

The VoiceNation Complete Solution

VoiceNation, utilizing their "Virtual PBX" technology, was able to precisely duplicate OnlyOne's offering, so that there is practically no learning curve for the customers during the migration process. Keystrokes, prompts and programmed speed dials remained the same. Other companies wanted us to make our customer relearn the wheel and adapt to a new system. VoiceNation instead adapted to us with an open platform and the ability for us to keep our current offering," said Kirk. And what they did for us they can do for anybody."

"Through VoiceNation, I have gained access to a national market, yet I still can deliver the exact same product my customers already demand. VoiceNation's ability to duplicate the functionality of another solution is an essential benefit to resellers that will only grow in value as this market grows."
— Bill Kirk, Managing Partner for OnlyOne

The Results

  • Bill Kirk has ported almost 400 customers to the VoiceNation platform almost seamlessly, making for a very happy subscriber base.
  • He now has access to a national market, with 92% local number coverage.
  • New features and functionality can be added in days, rather than the previous 3-6 months.
  • Bill Kirk still maintains firm control over his customer relationships, with VoiceNation providing all the back-end support he needs.

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