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Comedy Central's: The Colbert Report

Comedy Central's punchy politicaltalk show, The Colbert Report,needed a catchy ending to their "Hiding Gold" segment. Enticing and exciting viewers into active participation was their goal and a little laughter wouldn't have hurt either. They decided the best solution was to give viewers a phone number to call that would complete their joke for days after the segment aired, but they needed the right voicemail company to handle their high volume of calls.

The show contacted VoiceNation, their trusted supporter of telephony solutions, who has extensive experience with handling high volume call traffic. In just minutes their custom toll free vanity number, 888.Oops.Jewel, was ready and waiting for The Colbert Report's surge of eager callers. VoiceNation uploaded the show's custom greeting and configured the client's number to work in the way required. The system was monitored and maintained all night to ensure the segment's success.

"VoiceNation can handle anything, even 40,000 Colbert fans. And don't you forget it!"
-Comedy Central, New York, NY

The Results:

  • The show's viewers were able to actively participate with the show.
  • The Colbert Report show experienced a successful and very funny segment.
  • The Colbert Report was able to utilize their VoiceNation custom vanity number once again.
  • All U.S. callers were able to call into the number without the disruption of a busy tone or a dropped call.

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