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Case Studies

Customer Spotlight: Real-life Case Studies

Organizations of all sizes need an easy-to-use way to stay connected with customers.

We have customers in virtually every segment of business. Fortune 500 corporations to medium and small sized business recognize us as the standard of innovation for voice communication. With the launch of our SimplyONE and NextPBX systems, we offer the most adaptive virtual telephone platform available.

Here are some case studies of some of these customers we've walked with over the years to help them take their businesses to the next level.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

U.S. Coast Guard LogoVoiceNation became an integral part of Homeland Security as the United States Coast Guard Auxilary sought an innovative solution for documenting and routing calls. With no way to document messages or forward calls to the appropriate party, an important protector of our nation faced a dilemma.

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OnlyOne Case Study on Reseller/Agent Opportunities

OnlyOneOnlyOne delivers a complete communications solution for phone, voicemail and fax through a single number, but their old platform had reached its limitation. Bill Kirk, Managing Partner for OnlyOne, wanted to build out the national footprint of his organization, but he found that OnlyOne"s current growth rate would not support the cost of expanding their network in-house.

Comedy Central's: The Colbert Report

Comedy Central's punchy politicaltalk show, The Colbert Report,needed a catchy ending to their "Hiding Gold" segment. Enticing and exciting viewers into active participation was their goal and a little laughter wouldn't have hurt either. They decided the best solution was to give viewers a phone number to call that would complete their joke for days after the segment aired, but they needed the right voicemail company to handle their high volume of calls.

U.S. Government Goes Virtual for Obama Administration

ObamaAcross the nation, government agencies are being transformed by the new administration in an effort to increase efficiencies and modernize government communication. The convenience, scalability, and reliability of virtual telephony services made them an easy choice for meeting the mandates of a new administration.

Boulder Emotional Wellness

Boulder Emotional Wellness In an effort to improve client response time, Boulder Emotional Wellness signed up for VoiceNation's NextPBX.

Junk South

Athena EnterprisesNationwide junk removal company dumps their traditional phone lines and goes virtual with VoiceNation."VoiceNation offers everything we look for in a calling service; affordability, ease of use, customizable interface, reliable customer service, and professional quality."-Chris CaswallPresident and CEO, Athena Enterprises LLC 

Featherlite Case Study on Answering Services

FeatherliteHaving a live answering service that was there at all times was what Pamela Novotny, Sales Administrator for Featherlite was looking for.  Pamela and many others realize the value of never missing a call or having a call dropped.

Boulevard Real Estate Case Study in Virtual PBX

Boulevard​Losing leads is critical for Jordan Hashem, Senior Partner of Boulevard Real Estate. He needed to find someone that cared as much about his business as he did, and he found that in VoiceNation.

"The people at VoiceNation are really cool cats. I don't know if they treat me special or treat everyone special, but when I call with a problem, they ask me what I need and they fix it. It's a done deal." — Jordan Hashem/Senior Partner

Tatum Case Study in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

TatumThe nation's largest executive services company needed a system to receive and route high volumes of inbound calls and faxes. Chief Information Officer, Joe Ford chose VoiceNation to close the gap "because of the ease of implementation" among several other reason.

"In a real-life, unanticipated, interrupted event, the NextPBX worked like clockwork and kept our client up and running.” Joe Ford / Partner, Tatum, LLC

FEMA Case Study in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

FEMAFEMA Turns to VoiceNation in Time of Crisis

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

"This is going to greatly reduce our response time. VoiceNation is providing a single point of contact where all FEMA members can coordinate their efforts"”and it is safely insulated from any disaster event.""” Telecommunications Specialist for FEMA

Dyn McDermott Case Study in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Dyn McDermott

Looking for reliable, always-on disaster recovery virtual pbx, Dyn McDermott called on VoiceNation to bring their systems up to date. Here's how we worked with this energy giant to develop a solid disaster recovery phone system.

The Business Challenge

AIG Case Study in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

AIGUnited Guaranty, an 800-person division of financial services giant AIG, thought it had addressed the communications aspect of its business continuity plan two years ago . . . but when calls to a back-up information line during a routine snow storm quickly overwhelmed its previous provider, United Guaranty contacted VoiceNation.