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Solutions Series: Do More With a Virtual PBX

VoiceNation Solutions Series Virtual PBXIn many ways, a business’s phone system is one of its most valuable technological assets. Many business phone systems are organized in a special configuration called a private branch exchange, or PBX. A PBX allows internal users to contact one another using standard phone numbers designated by the system architect; this way each employee or department has its own specific number that can be used within the exchange. Managing this valuable system used to require a significant investment in specialized computer hardware and phone equipment. Today, VoiceNation offers a more dynamic solution that is better suited to the distinct character of today’s emerging businesses. A virtual PBX may be a more effective way of setting up a phone network that lets members of a single company stay in touch with one another even over great distances.

How Does a PBX System Work?

A caller wishing to reach a company calls a single phone number; this is the company’s primary business line. From there, the call can be routed to any employee or department with a designated number inside the private branch exchange network. Traditionally, all of these lines were organized and routed with the help of a central computer. This necessitated a complex arrangement of hardware, wires, and specialized phones.

A Virtual System Can Do More for Company Members

Our virtual PBX, NextPBX™, works similarly, although it lacks the same kind of physical arrangement. The virtual switchboard and connectivity infrastructure allows members of the branch exchange to be located in geographically distant locations while still remaining part of the phone network.

Each PBX member can be assigned a specific extension, which allows calls to be routed back and forth from the central trunk switchboard or from one member to another. Employees located in Miami, Seattle, Denver, or Chicago can all coordinate their communication without dropping calls or losing messages.

Adapting to the Changing Needs of Modern Businesses

Thanks to the mobile computing revolution, it is now possible to work just about anywhere. Staying in touch via email, virtual business environments, and other computer-based options have helped people do business in increasingly dynamic and adaptable ways, but phone-based communication remained problematic. A new approach to phone system design was required, and this is exactly what we can provide.

Our service package features many important benefits to users, including:

  • Routing to landlines, cell phones, faxes, or dial-by-name directories
  • Use an existing telephone number as your central business line or choose a local number or 1-800 number
  • No debited minutes, connect charges, or other usage fees for inbound messages or calls
  • An unlimited number of extensions
  • Personalized greetings
  • Call forwarding and voicemail
  • Capacity for multiple concurrent calls, eliminating busy signals

Extension members also have the ability to set their availabilities, so that others know when they have stepped away. A convenient web interface lets users handle all kinds of essential management tasks to further personalize the way their segment of the PBX functions. This is a great way to further distinguish your company’s character.

Enhancing Professionalism at Every Level

Private branch exchanges and other communication tools help businesses operate effectively. They also help organizations look professional, established, and trustworthy. A 1-800 lends considerably legitimacy to a company, and a well-managed internal phone network helps customers feel confident that their calls are being heard. Company employees also have a much easier time staying in touch when a well-designed phone network is in place. Implementing this kind of virtual network is a great way to grow your company while continuing to provide an exceptional level of outreach and consistent internal communication.

We can help your business grow to the next level with dynamic communication tools built for people like you.

This blog was written by Jason Gazaway