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Open Source Revolution - OpenAnswer is Coming!

After years in the making as architects of our technology, we've created a revolutionary platform for answering services, and we're giving it away to the world on June 22nd.

With the release of OpenAnswer, a revolutionary new open source answering service software, the industry will have a collaborative solution made freely available. Based on cutting-edge technology and open standards with no binding contracts, you will now have complete control over your operation starting with the most flexible call center software in the market. 

Call center seats will no longer cost thousands of dollars to outfit and deploy. Nor will you have your hands tied in lengthy per-seat contracts. The concept of giving our software to the world is virtually unheard of in the industry. With OpenAnswer, you’ll get the flexibility you need without the one-size-fits-all constraints of proprietary software. Go ahead, set your call center free.

Being open source, OpenAnswer is completely free to download, install, and modify, so make it yours! There are no licensing fees. Plus, you get unlimited seats and limitless scalability for your growing call center. We're excited to see how the development community will contribute to the code. Developers can share code changes and join the discussion with the budding OpenAnswer community at

OpenAnswer Specs

In case you’re as excited as we are, here are some software specs you should know:

  • The OpenAnswer operator screen is 100% browser based, utilizing modern web frameworks for an extremely operator-friendly UI.
  • OpenAnswer is integrated with the Tasterix telephony software, which can be installed on your own servers, thereby eliminating the need for proprietary hardware or software.
  • OpenAnswer is OS independent. The software itself needs to be installed on an Asterisk server but the operator screen works in any modern browser.
  • Built-in robust reporting features analyze your call flow and allow for real-time call monitoring.
  • Highly customizable UI allows for complex account setup with ease.
  • Well documented code with free support community.

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Join the revolution on June 22nd!

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