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Open Source Revolution

OpenAnswer open source answering service softwareOn June 22, 2015 we at VoiceNation did something bold, something completely out of the box and disruptive. We zipped up our source code for our own, custom built open source answering service platform and we offered it up for free to the world. Who would do such a thing? Isn't that risky?

Well, in a normal startup scenario a call center operator would consult with a big name software/hardware provider and delve into lengthy legal documents and per-seat contracts for both the closed use of the software and depending on the company, the hardware as well. This typical setup is not cheap and forget about ever modifying the code to adapt to your own answering service scenarios ... it would take months, if not years to implement. And, if you're a growing call center and you need to add new stations you could expect to throw down some serious green to make it happen. This is where we found a problem and CEO, Jay Reeder had a vision for a solution that would be freely available to anyone willing to get their hands dirty and install the software. 

OpenAnswer, now available for download at Our vision is grounded in the open source initiative, which we believe is where real innovation is happening in the tech world. We not only want to be a part of this innovation wave but we want to help shepherd the answering service community and take it to new levels where collaboration is king. Joining the brightest developer minds in the industry together under one purpose would no doubt be a fruitful adventure for us all so we invite you to join with us. 

We've documented our code and will be leading discussion forums for OpenAnswer on our website and we encourage you to jump in and familiarize yourself with the code. We've run a battery of real-life tests with the source code in our own answering service call center as well as at non-profit organization employing around 20 call center agents. We will continue to improve the code and we really look forward to seeing how this plays out in the industry.

Join the open source revolution!

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