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3 Ways to Create Camaraderie in the Workplace

In this day and age, camaraderie in the workplace is a rare occurrence. In the office, society’s mindset of “me, myself, and I” translates to “I’ll do what it takes to get my work done so that I can go back to living my life”. However, it’s interesting to point out that the average employee spends more time at work and with coworkers than they do with their own family. So, what does this mean? It simply means that since employees are with their coworkers so often, they might as well take advantage of the opportunity to build relationships with them. Employees may be surprised to find that some of their relationships with coworkers can be greatly rewarding – and may even turn into friendships.



Here are a few ways that you can create a sense of camaraderie among your team and in your workplace:



1) Create a culture suitable for relationship-building


We can all agree that no one likes an uptight, rule-stricken environment – even outside of the workplace. This type of setting can make people feel irritable, like they are walking on eggshells, and afraid to branch out and be themselves. Instead, try creating a culture that is more laid-back while still productive. Who said work couldn’t be fun? When they feel at ease and comfortable in the workplace, your employees will be more likely to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations with their coworkers.


2) Take your team out to lunch


Let’s face it--everyone loves food. Since people already share a common interest such as food, take advantage of a camaraderie-building opportunity by taking your team out to lunch. Make sure that they know that this isn’t a business lunch—this is for them to simply enjoy a good meal and get to know each other outside of the workplace. Relationships thrive when there is no outside pressure, so make sure to communicate that there are no expectations or underlying motives of your generosity.


3) Encourage group participation in projects


The basis of teamwork is helping each other by working to achieve the same goal. It’s great to encourage your team to help out their coworkers – even when they aren’t required to. When someone steps outside of their regular role in a group to help a coworker, it not only places value in the individual, but also into the team, and in turn, into the company.


Camaraderie is an important environmental necessity within a company. In the same way a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, if a team member is only looking out for themselves, the team is likely to break under pressure. Yet when a team of people grow together, enjoy each other's company, and support each other's strengths, it can only grow stronger. And who doesn't want a stronger team of employees?  




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