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VoiceNation is constantly looking for the "right match" in our reseller and agent prospects. And conversely, you should be looking for the right match in business opportunities. Let's see if we can help each other get a better feel for how to answer this very important question.

VoiceNation targets and sells into a number of vertical markets (see chart below). We have discovered through our existing resellers, those who have had experiences and/or work histories in these vertical markets have a tendency to get a 'head start' into selling our services. 


Why is that? We have discovered that you do not need to be technical to sell hosted communication services. You simply need to understand and relate to your customer. You need to have familiarity with the needs of your customers. Our top-performing resellers already have experiences that allow them to know the buying and decision-making processes of their customers. They also know industry players that give them credibility, plus they know the language and how to communicate with subscriber prospects. They have an affinity for and a sincere interest in taking our service to certain people, places and situations where they have already been. They are doing what they know and love to do, with people they know and love to be around, only now they are building a recurring-revenue subscriber base by simply being who they are.

Is this you? Do you have experience or work history in these vertical markets? Would you be confident and comfortable marketing and selling to people in these businesses? Do you have an affinity for one or more of these vertical markets? If you are not saying yes to these questions, you may want to seek a different business opportunity that is a better or a more comfortable match. On the other hand, if you find that you are saying yes to these questions, you could be a great match for the VoiceNation wholesale/reseller network and you may want to check into it further. 

Learn more about reseller opportunities: 

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Voice Nation supplies 'above and beyond' customer service and has been a true partner when supplying solutions for my Fortune 500 clients." - Patrick Brandimore, CMD Agency, Portland, OR

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