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Sarasota Live Answering Services

VoiceNation's Sarasota Answering Service can inexpensively provide your business with an image of success and professionalism.

  • What is the value of ONE call to your business?
  • What if you could handle THOUSANDS more a day than your competition?
  • What if you sounded much more professional than your competition?

You can have a VERY affordable toll free or local Sarasota telephone number that is answered by a live professional using your business name. Callers could be forwarded to you or routed to a state of the art messaging service.

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Sounds great doesn't? It will sound even better to your customers.

What to Expect

Our courteous, highly motivated and intelligent Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs) will answer as if they work exclusively for your organization. They will transfer the caller, take a message, or provide requested information, leaving callers impressed with your organization. This high tech, high touch service will improve your image and, directly impact your bottom line.

You can also keep track of all calls into your Sarasota answering service through real time call detail records on the included web control panel. If requested, we can even have an email automatically sent every time someone calls your answering service (whether they leave a message or not).

Each of our packages includes a toll free or local number in Sarasota that you can forward your calls to or could be used as your main telephone number.

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We'd love to talk with you to determine the best plan for your business. Call us anytime at 866-766-5050.

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Features Included with All Plans

Below are a few of the ways we can blend our "live" TSRs with our voice mail, fax and e-mail capabilities to keep you in touch.

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Free Local Sarasota number or Toll Free number
Free Local Sarasota Voicemail/Fax number
Unlimited long distance
Messages sent via (SMS) text, email, fax, and phone
24x7x365 Live Answering
Business Intelligence Call reports
Call Screening
Order Entry
Online Data entry
Appointment taking
Online data entry
Emergency Dispatching
Emergency Dispatching
Alpha-numeric Paging
Medical Answering
Customized Scripts
No Holiday Fees
Live Message Taking
Operator Dispatch